An important part of the Experiment, is to interact with others to deepen our understanding of the knowledge. There are several ways to do this. Each video has a unique Facebook notes page where you can discuss the contents of each video, and share your experiences and insights.

To access our Facebook discussion page for each video, please click on the Facebook logo below, and then click on the “NOTES” tab of our Facebook page.



To access a bulletin board to set up Discussion groups in your area, please click here


Hope you are enjoying the BLUE Experiment! Here are some general guidelines on how to run a weekly discussion group, either face to face or over the internet:

– one person chairs the discussion group
– allow 1 and a half to two hours
– start the session with a 10 or 20 min group meditation from the Experiment
– then you can watch one of the videos (optional), or you may have agreed to watch it in advance of the session
– firstly each person can share a couple of points that resonated with them from the video
– once everyone has shared for a few minutes each, then each person can think of one question they have about the video, or something that is not clear
– they can ask that question or clarification, and then others can share their views
– discussions are not to prove one belief over the other, or to argue a point! It is about an authentic sharing of inner experience
– Chairperson is there to facilitate discussion and bring discussion back onto topic
– Towards the end of the time, each person thinks of one practical tool or application from the video or from the experiment overall, that they want to practice during the week
– At the end of the discussion, we can just close our eyes and meditate for a few minutes
– Finally the group can agree the next time and date!