We would like to acknowledge all the fantastic people who have supported us through this project, in no particular order:

Meditation Music is by Philip Fraser from the Albums Eternity, Silent Tango, Sunrise and Sunset. To purchase these tracks, please search for Philip Fraser on iTunes or Google Play Store.

Mike and Carrie, Production Team at Dynamic Video Production

Baytree Labs for App Functionality

Melisa Noel, Lead Consultant and Script Editor

All my Wonderful Teachers along my journey.

Script Reviewers and Advisors: Milan Samani, Scott Haddon, Bhavin Manek, Neha Broota, Rishi Shah, Esheeta Shah, Sachin Vekaria, Raj Modi, Suman Gupta, Nidhi Gupta, Nina Menrai, Chantelle Fatania, and many others

Location Services: Tenerife Film Commission, Sierra Nevada National Park Tourism Office, Hotel Ruray Taray Botanico in Orgiva, Chilham Park, Southwark Council